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   icJP"Promoting the building of charging and hydrogenation facilities" was for the first time mentioned by Chinese government’s work report in 2020, triggering a historic passion for China's local governments and companies to fortify offensive in hydrogen fuel cell industry.For the time being, over 20 provincial and municipal governments, including Shanghai, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Xi'an, Wuhan, Jinan and Zhangjiakou, have issued policies to support the growth of hydrogen fuel cell businesses.The tendency seems to proceed unstoppably, while some experts and company’s executives still called for a rational attitude towards the development of fuel cell vehicles when they gathered at an industrial summit themed hydrogen industry development earlier this month.“To gain a head start in hydrogen fuel cell industry, local governments have successively issued plans to develop hydrogen business, fuel cell vehicles and relevant industrial parks. However, those plans were given without considering local conditions in different cities, so the corresponding deployments are seriously homogenized. I am afraid repetitive investments would appear across the country,” said Cao Jianmian, executive vice president of the Central Academy Institute of Dongfang Electric Corporation.He suggests that local governments should do comprehensive and in-depth study on the feasibility and reasonability, and make the layout based on respective local conditions.  As we know, a number of countries like the U.S., South Korea and Japan have release their legal bills and route maps for hydrogen industry development at a national strategy level. In China, local governments and firms are quite active, while the top-level design has not come out yet.“Some companies in China are rather proactive in developing fuel cell vehicles, but the industrial chain is too long to be fully covered by traditional auto companies. Besides, deploying infrastructures, formulating and improving standards and regulations are also out of reach of enterprises,” said Chen Qingtai, President of China EV100.Confronting these difficulties, companies should join hands with the government to formulate a more feasible integral scheme and implement it through a multi-pronged approach, Mr. Chen suggested.For instance, they should strengthen the infrastructure construction based on an optimized planning, increase investment in technology R&D, remove the bottlenecks in technologies and auto parts, solve the difficulties in storing and transporting hydrogen fuel and improve the law and standard systems by learning other countries' experience.What's more, Miao Wei, the minister of China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, previously said some regions with relatively strong foundation in hydrogen and fuel cell industries should be picked up to conduct pilot projects. What he said signifies that the fuel cell industry in China should be developed step by step, rather than in a much too radical way.qJfW
  Sr7Z  《最终幻想7:重制版(Final Fantasy VII Remake)》将有一些支线任务,看起来本作支线任务的品质也会非常高。一起来看看具体内容!P8ul
  第四条 jYYiGuiyang, the capital of Guizhou province of Southwest China, has annulled the car purchase restriction as the city looks to boost the sound development of automobile market.On September 12, municipal government of Guiyang announced the decision about abolishing the provisional regulations on administration of passenger car license plates, which came into effect on September 10.The issuance of the decision means that consumers in Guiyang can buy cars without being hampered by a license-plate lottery.Local government also determined to significantly increase the 2020 quota of license plates by over 30,000 units from the full-year volume of 2020. Southern Chinese cities Guangzhou and Shenzhen have taken the lead in relaxing car ownership restrictions in response to the central government's urge over localities to take steps to encourage car purchases.However, in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang and Hainan, for instance, registrations are still raffled off. Chinese authorities on June 6 announced that local governments in China were not allowed to impose traffic and purchase restrictions on new energy vehicles (NEVs). Relevant restriction policies that had been implemented should be cancelled from then on.Last month, the State Council's General Office said in the Guidelines on Accelerating the Circulation Development and Promoting Commercial Consumption that local governments of regions where the automobile purchase restriction policy has been implemented shall be encouraged to gradually relax or cancel the specific measures of buying limitation based on respective actual situations.FOk7



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. 6RiTBYD held on June 25 a ceremony to celebrate the completion of its all-new global design hub in Shenzhen, the headquarters of the automaker. In the near future, a design team led by three prominent designers--Wolfgang Egger, JuanMa Lopez and Michele Jauch-Paganetti will work at the new building.According to local media outlets, the Shenzhen-based design center will output design works covering PVs, CVs as well as such rail transit solutions as SkyRail and SkyShuttle. Wrapped by black glass, the new global design center looks like a huge black crystal. It seems that the automaker want to use the most mysterious and inclusive color to express its eagerness to converge originality and inspiration of car design from the whole world, so as to trigger the powerful energy for exploring future traffic system design.Covering a floorage of 12,600 square meters, the design center can accommodate a total of 400 engineers and other design staff to work simultaneously. There are several areas for specific functions, such as design, clay model, facility processing, comprehensive review as well as virtual evaluation. The new design hub will be the stage for three outstanding designers to show their talents. Wolfgang Egger, a former Audi Group head designer, and currently the BYD Group's global head designer, has designed multiple masterpieces including the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione and the Audi R8.JuanMa Lopez, who was a former head of exterior design at Ferrari, has joined BYD as global exterior design director. His representative works include the La Ferrari, the F12 TDF and SF90 Stradale.Michele Jauch-Paganetti, current BYD's global interior design director, was the sponsor and co-founder of the Mercedes-Benz Style, a name synonymous with design and innovation combined with uncompromising quality. He had been in charge of the interior design of the existing Mercedes-Benz S-Class, V-Class and C-Class series (Photo source: http://www.bydauto.com.cn/).bVWC..